pot un-luck`

tonight i’m going to a potluck Shabbat dinner.
i offered to bring dessert.
i was told to bring a side dish. a vegetable.
now, i’m not domesticated. far from it. buttt i make a mean cheesecake. unfortunately a cheesecake isn’t a vegetable. *sigh*
so i made broccoli using this 10 minute recipe that people seem to like.
it took an hour.
well, hopefully they were also off with the “serve immediately” cause it’s still 2 hours til dinner.

edit: the broccoli was a hit. there was none left! hurray!

3 Responses to “pot un-luck`”

  1. Reshma Patel Says:

    it’s true. she does make a mean cheesecake.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    thanks reshma-ben!

  3. Ming Says:

    what do you mean cheesecake is not a vegetable? It’s not meat, therefore…

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