My 3 WordPress Problems

Getting this site to this point hasn’t been that difficult given the vast amount of resources there are online, and the awesome people I have to ask my questions to. There have been three things that I’ve had trouble with that were really simple to solve, but hard (and time consuming) to diagnose. I’m documenting them all here so that hopefully the next person to stumble upon them will also happen to stumble upon this blog when googling for the solution.

  1. Importing posts from Blogger: On the WordPress Wiki the instructions say to modify the Archive Template (Template –> Edit Archive). That’s wrong – you need to modify the normal template (Template –> Edit Current). There’s a great visual tutorial that has the correct steps using a modified import tool.
  2. Setting up pretty permalinks in WordPress: I had my .htaccess file with the RewriteRules and all, but for some reason, as soon as I turned on pretty perma-links (via Options–>Permalinks) I would get 404 errors for every perma-link and category page. After some playing and searching this thread tipped me off to the problem: In general options the WordPress URI and Blog URI need to match.
  3. Setting up pretty URLs for FAlbum: Had a similar problem with setting up Pretty URLs for the FAlbum plugin. When I set “Use Friendly URLs” to true, and tried to hit I got errors. Here’s what was wrong: when you turn on the “Use Friendly URLS”(Options–>FAlbum) make sure to change the URL root field directly below to “/photos” (or whatever you want to use instead). Yes, I know it says it right there. I was *tired* okay?!

Wow. I just made a nerdy post.

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  1. stijn v. Says:

    I google here, looking for a way to get my FAlbum working. It’s working great now. Thanks for the pointers!

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