Gender Gap? You don’t say…

I really enjoyed this article from the Boston globe. It addresses an issue that is very personal to me which I’ve been giving lots of thought to lately in particular. In some ways, it’s a high level overview of the book Unlocking the Clubhouse. The article is definitely worth a read.

I’m especially impressed that NSF is not only recognizing the problem, but creating grants to help solve it – I can’t wait to see what kinds of creative solutions people come up with. Organizations like NCWIT and CWIT make me really excited about the future. I think the idea of linking up with Girl Scouts/Guides could be really effective. The earlier the better I say!

I do have one qualm with the article. I really don’t agree with is the sub-title:

Women shunning a field once seen as welcoming

I have never met a woman in CS (young or not so young) who has used the term “welcoming” to describe this field. Nor do I think that’s the case the author was trying to make.
So my theory: the Boston globe has a random headline generator.

2 Responses to “Gender Gap? You don’t say…”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Oooh, it’s checks my spelling while I type… (I digress, sorry).

    It’s true though, that the author of an article has little to do with the title / subtitle which is published. Titles are marketing, not accurate-ing.

    I enjoyed the article, mostly for the fact that it’s bringing up the subject again. I think it’s important not only to acknowledge the gap but also understand why having women in tech is beneficial to investors, consumers, and programmers alike.

  2. Gil Says:

    I think women shouldn’t be allowed in CS because they distract the man programmers while they are driving their compilers… and that would result in more crashes.

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