Now cell phones are for girls too!

The new Samsung E530 pink mobile phone is a girl’s best friend, equipped with calorie counter, megapixel camera, shopping list…oh and it even tells the ladies when they’re ovulating! (via Ana)

I can’t stop laughing. I understand that they’re not marketing this device to women like myself, but who would stereotype women this way? This product must have been designed by men. I’d guess Homer Simpson and Stan Smith (the American Dad).

Elfred agrees with this hypothesis, noting two interesting insights into what was likely the thought process behind several key features:

  • “Oh, my girlfriend always thinks she’s fat, let’s put the height/weight ratio in”
  • “I’d occasionally like to do it without a condom, let’s add cycle tracking”

Oh, if Andrew designed it he would have included a flip up mirror on the back of it. Are you listening Samsung? You might want to look out for this guy.

3 Responses to “Now cell phones are for girls too!”

  1. Gil Says:

    You got it all wrong! These features are for male users of the phone. We need a shopping list to keep track of all the anniversary gifts we’re supposed to buy our girlfriends, and the “cycle tracker” is for us to know when to lay low and not stir shit up.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Mmmm… yuppie phone.

    Though, I have to admit, the idea of a pink phone is pretty appealling.

  3. jenn Says:

    There are other choices you know 🙂

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