Contest Update

I have tampons, knitting and (most importantly) Nick.

And my hair is straight!

Still no winner so keep those guesses coming.

4 Responses to “Contest Update”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Attempt 2: I am going to go with some sort of cosmetics item. Lets call it Shampoo. although it might be conditioner. I think shampoo is better, because it cleans the hair. On the other hand, conditioner makes it silky and smooth…….Stop looking at me, Swan.

  2. Resh Says:

    I know!!! Deodarant!!!!
    Hmmm…but I don’t think deodarant is enough to warrant tears.
    My first guess would’ve been your iPod, but someone’s guessed that already.
    My next would’ve been your computer, but you posted and had free wireless in the aiport, so that’s not it.
    So I’m gonna have to go with your digital camera.
    Did I win?!!!!

  3. Sam Says:

    Your IBM ThinkPad?
    … no, you’d want to forget that…

  4. Andrew Says:

    English language books?

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