getting you up to date

The flight to Fukuoka was pretty uneventful. Watched some family guy while waiting on a portable dvd player a group of marines had. Then slept for the hour while in the air.

Met up with the group, and we made our way to hotel Sun Life 3. We had to take a train which meant manouvering with my massive bags down escalators, across streets and on trains. Oh what fun!

We got into our rooms — mine was barely big enough to contain me, my suitcases and the small twin bed. The shower was hooked up by a hose to the tap on the sink. Fun stuff.

Anyway, after a dinner at some random Japanese restaurant (SASHIMI!) we crashed hard.

This AM took a 9AM train to Nagasaki. Train had hardwood floors and leather seats. Heh.
And now I’m at the office. We’re stationed right across the street from Nagasaki University. The place is a pretty sweet setup. There are couches, a TV with english channels including CNN and a keyboard. There’s a banner hanging with flags from all sorts of countries. Guess which one is missing?

Don’t worry – I’ll take care of that.

This afternoon we’re working, and tonight I meet my host sister.

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  1. Sam Says:

    **HI JENN**
    Sounds like you’re having fun already, you lucky girl you. Are you tired, or running on super-Jenn-hyper-crazy energy?

  2. Stephen Says:

    I’m still waiting for the final results of the “what did I forget” contest. My wife was shoulder-surfing and laughing about the marines and the dvd and suggests (your mom should stop reading right now) — birth control.

  3. jenn Says:

    Im Rie Odawara.
    Thank you for coming to my house yesterday and today.
    We are so happy time to stay with you.
    Hiroki and Misaki said We want to see you again.
    I hope to see you again,too.
    My adress is 3-3 hanaokamachi Nagasaki city Nagasaki Japan.
    and E mail adress is
    Please tel me your adress.
    Thank you so much.

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