Last night I got home to Nachan’s and three of her friends – Panchan (Pan as in Panda since she wears lots of black and white), Natsuki and Krara. Now, Panchan and I have met before, and this time she gave me a gift – a fan. Now, I think of fans as decorative, but Panchan has taken fan dancing lessons for 12 years so really it was an activity.


First we worked on opening the fan with one hand. I still can’t get that down. Then we worked on a special twirl. It’s awesome! Panchan gave me another 2 fans, and I can do a two haded twirl! They were very impressed – frankly so was i. Better pictures to follow.
jenn is a geisha

We then feasted on Curry Rice with squid. Mmm.
And then, Panchan brought out more gifts — turns out she also studied Kendo. She brought me some head scarves and we all practiced putting them on since only panchan know. It’s a good look, eh?
jenn and natsuki

As if that wasn’t enough, Panchan and Krara brought me the BIGGEST bag EVER of candy. All sorts of things I’ve never tried like Nori Wasabi.

a big bag o japanese candy

Oh, and Natsuki brought us donuts for breakfast.
Oishii (=delicious)

2 Responses to “Fans-tastic”

  1. Christine Says:

    How was the nori wasabi? I bought that stuff once thinking it was green licorice… yep.. quite the shock when I realized it was far from licorice.

  2. Auntie Nanci Says:

    I will always be your biggest “fan”…….don’t you ever forget it!
    I am so impressed with your gutsiness in eating all these weird, wild and wacky things! I truly admire your courageousness!

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