After our guests left, I was all set for a quiet evening. Who knew that was not to be. Nachan got a call, and then told me we were going to Shu’s Cafe for a little while.
“Sure sounds good”
Turns out there was a foreigner there, and they thought we would be friends or something. Spent the night talking to a [drunk] woman next to me whose daughters go to the school we teach at and had told her about the foreigners who had come to class to teach. We’re celebrities.
Shu gave Nachan and me a bottle of wine, and it was a good night. And a not so good morning.
Which leads us to the new word: Futsukayoi.
This post will be augmented with pictures later. Our new friend left with Nachan’s camera.

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  1. Auntie Nanci Says:

    If the SHU fits…….wear it!

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