on thursday night i ended up out until 3:00. pictures and stories to follow. i ate horse meat.
friday AM we caught a 9:30 train to kagoshima – a place that’s known for its volcano. we arrived around two, and caught a ferry to the volcanic island. by the time we got there we had missed the last sightseeing bus. it was also pissing down rain. so we walked around a bit, the boys bought some *magazines* and then we headed back. i grabbed dinner and then dissapeared to my hotel room — it was nice sleeping in a room alone, and with a real bed so i took full advantage of it.
saturday AM we were on a train at 7:23 to the school we were meeting with. the vice principle picked us up, and we did our thing. they fed us moss burger for lunch. man were those things small. also, i can’t remember what i ate the last time i was in japan — but this burger had gross red sauce on it. not in a rush to go back unless i can time it to get the infamous 1000 yen burger.
we got home around 10 and headed out to a few bars last night. Ja Rule, the first bar, was full of foreigners. so strange to be surrounded by english speakers. we left fairly quickly for Diablo where there were also lots of foreigners. then headed to Ayr’s Rock where we were the only foreigners and a japanese rapper named B.I.G. Joe was performing.
got back to the office around 3, and slept in.
now my friend Jess’s host family is taking me site seeing with her…

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    L E O L O V E S M O S S B U R G E R .

    He does, HE DOES.

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