so[ba] delicious

last night nachan’s friend miki came over to teach us to make soba.
first, you had to knead the dough.

more prep

then we had to roll it. we had a contest – foreigners vs japanese – to see who could roll a better sheet. we rocked out, and even had to help our Japanese friends finish theirs.

go! team

then we had to slice the sheets into noodles. took a long time and i was afraid i’d cut off my finger. i didn’t.

our rivals -- team nihon-jin

finally it was time to cook the noodles.

too many cooks? i think so.

and then eat them. our meal was accompanied by nagasaki salad (well, that’s what nachan called it) and some grilled fish.

they looked scary to me, and were the only thing I haven’t eaten in japan (on chad’s advisement that “they taste as good as they look”).
and that was my night.


4 Responses to “so[ba] delicious”

  1. Mom Says:

    That is just way too much work for a noodle for me. No wonder Japanese women don’t get fat!

  2. Jeff Says:

    i see lots of pictures of other people making noodles, and then there are pics of you eating noodles. Good work! camera girl definitely triumphs over noodle making girl, in the battle of cooking vs not cooking.

  3. Auntie Nanci Says:

    Wowee……NOODLELICIOUS! But… did the scary fish taste???

  4. Auntie Nanci Says:

    keep blogging! love ’em!

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