on wednesday evening i went to dinner. it was myself, nachan, another woman and then three men. first we went to dejima warf to a chinese restaraunt (chinese sake is very good)

chinese sake rocks

and then to a bar downtown called psybar that was pretty damn cool.
psybar psyn

The men paid for everything.
I assumed they were friends of Nachan’s or something. I mean, I noticed a wedding ring on at least one of them. But then, after the bar at a fork in the road we said “bye” and then men walked in one direction, and the women in another. Just a fast “bye” – no stopping and shaking hands or anything.
At this point things started seeming fishy. Upon further questioning I found out that Nachan only knew one of the guys. She didn’t know the other girl, nor two of the men (including the one who paid for everything). But anyway, after the party split, I went with Nachan and the other woman (who looked about 25 but told me she was 40) to do Print Club. I love PriClu.
The next morning I asked Kendall if he had any explanation about the events of the previous evening. It was then I learned about a phenomenon called “Set-up Parties” where men and women (who aren’t necessarily their wives) get together for evenings of eating and drinking. The men treat, the women sit and entertain. It’s just what’s done here.
Then, when we were out again last night, I picked up the word “setai” when nachan was telling her friends about what we had done the day before. Apparently my “Setai” was the doctor who is in the background of this picture. Old, neh?

setai no nabeh

So apparently Nachan isn’t just my host sister, she’s also my pimp 🙂

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