homestay for a day!

On Saturday I went to lunch at mama’s Fry Pan with Nachan. There we met up with Rie and her two adorable children – Misaki and Hiroki. They adolpted me for the weekend. We had a great time.
Our first stop was the game centre. Misaki has this game called Rabi Berry that she’s obsessed with. it appears every girl between the age of 4 and 12 is. I’ll post more on that later. But essentially, it’s like DDR with your hand and only one button. But first, you need to dress the characters by scanning cards. She won’t dance unless her attractiveness meter hits a certain level. Now, each card represents either a hairstyle, dress, shoes, hair colour etc. Any every time you play you get another card. So the kids there are all lined up with their binders of cards.

misaki and her book of bari & rabi cards

The to Yamada Denki – a big electronics store. The kids were SO excited when they found that there were EnTamas in stock (here is a good English site that talks about them). Apparently they’ve been sold out for, like, ever and they have been waiting to find them. so of course, the kids picked their favourite colours and got in line to buy one.
me, hiroki, misaki and our new pet tamagotchis

Yes, I’m also holding one in the picture. Never one to pass up an opportunity to have a new toy, I got one too. Sure, I can’t read the mail or menu options, but I’ll manage. But man, are they more complex than I remember. These guys have to go to school. They have jobs. They get married and have babies. They die and the next generation lives on. And you buy them things online with money you earn working or at the game centre.
So back to my day. After we got some massages (I so love massage chairs) and played on the balance machines or whatever they’re called we departed yamada denki.
i love massage chairs. they even give you blankets.
these is supposed to burn off your tempura belly

Then all of us, accompanied by the sounds of beeping tamas, made our way to Agri – a farm area near the city. We saw horses and Totoro.
hiroki, rie, jenn, misaki and some studio ghibli characters

For dinner Rie made a FEAST! We had Sukyaki (mmmmmm) and Sashimi (mmmmm) and Scallops (mmmmmm). Have I mentioned I love japanese food?
sukyaki!BIG scallopssashimi

Then off to bed. On Sunday we had a great breakie, played with our Tamas on their planets a little bit more.
getting our tamas stuff onlinemisaki in 4 layers of sleep wear

Then, on Misaki’s request, it was time for more Rabu Barie. We had to wait for a half hour in line. Well, she waited while Hiroki and I went to buy a magazine about EnTamas. I couldn’t believe how many kids were waiting to play this game!

waiting for more rabi bari. what a long line!

After misaki’s turn we headed to lunch at a local Takoyaki shop.
mama-san at the takoyaki shop

The afternoon was spent in an Onsen in an area called Obama with their family friends. I was so happy!
What an awesome weekend!

3 Responses to “homestay for a day!”

  1. Mom Says:

    Congratulations on your new acquisition. A pet…like you’ve always wanted. What profession does yours have?

  2. Christine Says:

    Apparently if you put two of them near each other for long periods of time, they`ll start to like each other and wanna get married! you gotta hang out with those kids more often or yours might end up an old maid!

  3. jenn Says:

    actually, it’s a guy. he likes younger women, so the tama he’s meant to marry hasn’t been born yet.
    in truth, i’m trying to get one of the other interns to get one too…

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