i’ve been looking for wool in Nagasaki. I hadn’t been able to find any, and people I asked don’t knit and couldn’t help me. but saturday as nachan and i walked down Naka-dori to lunch, I noticed one! it was filled with old ladies and wool!
so i dragged nachan inside to pick out wool for a belated birthday gift (I am making her a hat). of course, since i’m just starting, a new weight of wool meant new needles- both round ones and double pointed. let me tell you, my charades rock.
here is the label on the wool:


Wow! I didn’t know this yarn had wild animal taste. You can get likely fur touch on easy knitting by bold needle.

Anyway, knitting without a pattern is proving more difficult than originally anticipated. I’m on my fourth attempt right now. Good thing I can knit during meetings!

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