sushi for [not so] beginners

last night nachan and i met up for dinner with her friend ogatasan. he took us for dinner to a sushi restaurant. a real sushi restaraunt — the kind i don’t go to because they’re too expensive. needless to say, it was pretty cool.

the restaraunt was the width of a hallway with just a wooden bar. the bar had seating for 9 and that was all. when you sat on your stool, you were close enough to the wall to lean back against it without any danger of falling backwards. the wooden bar had 2 levels – one where a table would sit normally, and the second was above that.

we started the meal with a plate of sashimi. all sorts of cool stuff. the shrimp were huge and scary looking, . all the prep was done right in front of us, by the one chef, which was lots of fun to watch.

after the sashimi was done, he placed a pile of ginger on the upper level of the bar. we each had our own “stash”. then, he rolled various kinds of sushi. we got one of each kind. except for the maki – we got 2-3 of each of those. there was uni and ikura and even one with beef. so cool! some of them had mayo in them, so i guess it’s not a north american thing.

the sushi was always placed on top of the bar, next to the ginger. so cool i tell you. our last roll was a kappa roll. they were impressed i knew what that was. they were not impressed when i told them the only sushi i had eaten in japan so far was from the 100 yen kaiten sushi place. oh well, you win some, you lose some.

sashimi to start he's our sushi samaurai 
oishi, neh? jenn and ogatasan the restaraunt. it holds 9. there's only the bar, and the wall is so close to your back you can lean against it. it's *really* narrow.

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