olympic ramblings

A few people have asked about my olympic involvement over in Japan.
Frankly, it’s been pretty minimal. I spend my time trash talking the Americans about their Hockey Teams. While the Women did me proud, I’ve been getting it about the mens’ 2 shut outs. Hrmph.
Actually, Saturday we did turn on the olympics. But we were quickly distracted by a show that was far more exciting — you know the crane games they have in arcades? With the stuffed animals that are virtually impossible to grab? It was a game show dedicated to that. We just couldn’t stop watching.

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  1. Gil Says:

    That sounds awesome! It’s a precursor to the eventual giant mechanized robot fighting gameshows that will be on tv in 2068. By 2069 free love will make a comeback and people will stop fighting with robots.

  2. Stephen Says:

    Now I have a disturbing image of dozens of Japanese men and women in spandex outfits with football helmets on their heads, probably with feathers attached or something. A crazed announcer is excitedly jabbering while working the controls that will select the next contestant and pull them up by the helmet. They’re lifted 10 feet in the air and dropped on an air-filled slide that ends in a clear plastic ball. They fix themselves in the ball and drop through a giant pachinko machine to see what they’ve won. Most win 0.

    Was the show something like that?

  3. Andrew Says:

    Yeah, turned out to be a really bad time to trash talk the Americans about hockey. At least the women didn’t suck.

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