tuesday night chad and I travelled to Isahaya to see Deerhoof play. It was quite the adventure.
I had read about the concert a week before on pitchfork and emailed the contact for the show. He told me that the show was sold out, but ended up getting us two tickets. Here are some highlights from the correspondence between me and the promoter:

it’s very very narrow.

The person who likes music like deerhoof is ..learning.. very glad of being a lot of Nagasaki of me.

He actually told us it was narrow multiple times. It was. It was the party room of a Karaoke box that took us about an hour to find in the rain. And it was also a LOT of fun. As we approached the door, the guy said “Jenn?”, and I was like “YAY!”. There were even balloons on the ceiling! AND after the concert the promoter’s friend drove us to the station in an unmarked white van that was pimped out with hello kitty gear on the inside.
Chad wrote up the experience on his blog, and I’m lazy so look there.

it's karaoke with deerhoof party room 22 a concert in socks. look! it's a party!

update: i wrote my friend an emial saying thanks and that we had a great time. here’s what he wrote back:

Hi jenn.

Hall narrowness ?
Everyone may enjoy it.
Moreover, when it is done that it is interesting, it reports.
It is good also in the boyfriend.


hurray for translators

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