Happy Girls’ Day!

Today is Girls’ day (click for more information). For girls’ day, people with daughters get hina dolls and put them on display. Even my tamagotchi has them on display.

tama hina dolls

Hina Dolls are beautiful and expensive. And you don’t play with them. They’re just decorative. On Saturday we went to JUSCO to look at them. Some were more than $1000.

Seems like a normal day. Kids have school. Parents have work. Meanwhile May 5, Boys’ Day, is no school. No fair. But they don’t get dolls – only carp flags. I think I’d rather the day off of school.

jenn and hina dolls the emperor Hina Dolls for Girls' day kumiko and akira koinobori

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  1. Mom Says:

    I celebrated girls day at Holts. Too bad none of my girlies were here! Oh well, maybe next year.

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