one week later

before this weekend starts, let’s talk about last weekend. last weekend my host brother came in to visit from Tokyo. he’s 29 and married with a baby on the way. we hung out for a big in the afternoon, and then again in the evening after he came back from drinking with his friends. he was really excited about my pb.

in the afternoon, akira took me to the park around the corner and we went down the slide. 4 times. i also watched kids sled down a grass hill. i couldn’t stop laughing and explained to akira that we do this in canada on snow. he thought that idea was funny. there were other playgrounds too, one that even had a kiddy climbing wall. oh how safe!

look! a kiddie climbing wall! down we go! what do you do when you don't have snow? you go GRASS SLIDING! bye bye akira! the view from below.

sunday we went to glover gardens, an area where foreigners used to live. or maybe they moved all their homes there to make a kind of museum. it was on the top of a hill with pretty views. they had escalators and moving sidewalks to get you up there. anyway, it was pretty. then we went to the Confucius Shrine and Museum of Chinese History. but it was closed. i took pictures anyway.

my parents at the entrance. yes, that's an outdoor escalator. say cheese views tulips IMG_4542.JPG

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  1. Gil Says:

    That windy slide is ribbed for pleasure!

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