Worst Geek Ever

Today at work Baron kindly pointed out to me that my blog wasn’t working. I checked the site, and it worked fine for me.

But then I checked again and got errors too. What ever could be wrong?

Well, I consulted with my resident experts, and they both said it was the phpconfig.

PHP Config? Um…

Then I searched my email for messages from my ISP. Lo and behold they upgraded to php 5.2 in the middle of December. It said I could ignore this email if I didn’t use php. And since I hadn’t in a long time, I figured that meant me.

My experts pointed me to a defect notice about wordpress 2.0.5 and php 5.2. If you look, you’ll see there’s a 2 line hack, which I was fine with using.

Alas, when I looked for the file to fix I realized something else – I was still on wordpress 1.5. Why didn’t I upgrade you ask? If it ain’t broke, why fix it. Yes, Jenn is a very bad geek.
In any case, I apologize for any technical difficulties you may have had (or be having) with the site. If there’s anything funky going on, let me know and I’ll* take care of it.

*with the help of someone who knows more than me.

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