Last night I saw a bunch of my old friends from highschool. These aren’t people that I see often – some live out of town, some are busy with work, but we try and have a get together around Passover when everyone is here. Other than these infrequent get togethers, Facebook has become the de facto way we all keep in touch (except for with k8 who refuses to sign up).

Now, what happens when a bunch of old friends who now keep in touch over facebook get together?

Do we talk about what we’re up to? Tell funny stories from the months we’ve been apart? Nope, we talk about facebook.

So sad.

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  1. Baron Says:

    It’s taken over your lives… What’s surprising though is that you didn’t post this as a Facebook note, share it, spam it on a wall, create a group about it, then share that, then post a link here.

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