Toronto Blogs

There are two Toronto blogs I tried to follow:

I found that I can’t keep up with both effectively. Just takes too much time, and there’s a lot of duplication between the two. I’ve taken to following BlogTo. Not sure why – I think I’m a fan of the morning brew.
But now BlogTo has let me down twice – if it wasn’t for kev and Torontoist I wouldn’t have learned about the Ballroom Dancing last weekend, or the Air Guitar Championships coming up.
The only solution: have kevin as a friend. Guess I’m stuck with him. Hrmph.

2 Responses to “Toronto Blogs”

  1. Baron Says:

    Damn you… Because you made me go over to BlogTO, I now know there’s a Chinese street meat festival this weekend and will probably have to head back ALL the way to Markham on a non-work day.

  2. Ryan C Says:

    Even though we let you down those two times, we promise to keep on trying to win you over, no matter what it takes. BlogTO loves you, Jenn. I mean, like, love in THAT way.

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