EX.I.T.E. is not EXCITE and definitely not E.X.C.I.T.

Last week was EX.I.T.E. camp here at the Toronto Lab. I was one of the co-chairs.

Camp got a lot of media coverage which was fun. It was also great to see how creatively they spelled the camp name. At least they got mine right (well, one called me jen).

For the record, it’s EX.I.T.E. (EXploring Interests in Technology and Engineering). How hard is that?

Now that camp is over, I can start having a life again. Which means more fun stuff for me, and more blog posts for you. Wooo!

3 Responses to “EX.I.T.E. is not EXCITE and definitely not E.X.C.I.T.”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Whoa, I dunno Jenn, EX.C.I.T.E seems like an A.O.A (Abuse Of Acronyms) to me.

  2. Administrator Says:

    dude, drop the C. it’s EX.I.T.E.
    G.Y.A.S. won’t cha?

  3. Stephen Says:

    EXciteable Campers In Technical Ecstasy

    Jen wore the most startling dress (think 1960’s Austin Powers but more so…) and she was soooo excited announcing each new project during the Robot Dance Competition.

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