well, mom likes china more than india…

Well, the ‘rents missed voting today. When they asked at the poll where the other people from my household were I told them about their trip. The people at the polling station agreed that my parents should have taken me along (and that they should have voted at the advance poll). Here’s mom’s email from today.
Just a quickie update as I head out the door…
Had a fantastic, full day yesterday. Toured the city which is amazing, bustling, and dwarfs any other city we have visited. Tall, modern skyscrapers anywhere you look.Busy, but does not seem nearly as congested as India. Prefer the pollution to the poverty of Delhi. Driving is more civil, without the honking and the noise. And even have a special lane and traffic lights for the cyclists. Just don’t care much for pedestrians. They will run you over anywhere. Also millions of uniformed officials on the streets. Some in grey, some green, and some black. No idea what they are doing. No one speaks English, but the signs around this area have a lot of English in them …probably changes in anticipation of the Olympics.And we are 5 minutes from a Starbucks that understands nonfact capuccino. What could be better
Made lots of friends in the Silk Market yesterday. What fun. Even overwhelming for me… the most experienced of all. Amazing how far a maple leaf pin from the dollar store will get you. That and a few dollars and you are the most popular kid in the aisle. Had to elbow a few vendors when they would not let go of my arm. Do I look like a shopper??? Best purchase of the day was for another lawyer shopping for his wife. Negotiated for a bag that they asked $3500 RMB for… Got it for $300. Now that takes skill. It is a huge complement when you leave a stall with a purchase and the vendor is yelling at you that “You kill me…I no like you… cost price” Music to my ears. By the way…never told them that the pins which they surrounded me for were made in China!
Off to Tianamen square. And don’t worry. Had an exquisite meal last nite at the Green Tea House. Probably one of the finest restaurants we have ever been at in the world. Wasabi prawns… Now we’re talking!

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  1. Dominique Says:

    Wow! That is so cool and I’m so jealous…. I want to understand though, did your mom bring a bunch of canadian pins and offer them along with money at the silk shop? Or did she just wear one to get better service as a canadian versus an american?

  2. jenn Says:

    yeah, my mom is a riot. she went with a bunch of maple leaf pins and other canadiana from the dollar store to give out.

    you should see all of the emails she’s sending me about things to buy. i’m feeling very stressed.

    she hasn’t mentioned anything about the cool electronics/gadgets though.
    and she also said she’s not getting me anything hello kitty.

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