Friday in Beijing

I’m still in toronto and the ‘rents are still in beijing. They have shopping and touring and culture, and here the phone and cable lines were cut. Sigh.

Good morning…
5 Am and cannot sleep
Yesterday morning was so interesting. This city is truly amazing. The skyscrapers, construction are endless. And everything is just so immaculate…everyone so polite.They really are being prepped for the Olympics.
It is astounding to see the shops in our hotel…Everything from Sephora to the largest Louis Vitton I have ever seen,and every shop in between …MaxMara, Dior, Marc Jacobs…. Hard to believe this is China!

Finally got to see some history and culture. Visited Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. Fascinating to hear the history. And then off to a traditional lunch of 100 inedible courses. What was really confusing is just as you start winding down and they serve something resembling dessert (like a sesame biscuit), the food starts all over. Or they combine meat with cookies. Very foreign. And silly if you ask me.

Dropped our group off at the Silk Market for a couple of hours in the afternoon. For some reason I have established a reputation of knowing how to negotiate. So a dozen people asked to join me and have me teach them the art. Even had 2 French women who I had to translate for.Walked in and vendors were swarming all around… “we remember you” -they shouted. Missy…. come back!” Hard to negotiate your way through stalls with a tour group behind you. I carry my own calculator… so I am really a pro. And I shop in bulk. If they don’t meet my price I exit with my team! A few weaklings dropped off pretty quickly and headed back to the hotel, some picked up the required skills and went off on their own,but the core group endured the experience.Each time I pass a booth I think I am hearing “Best price… Renee, Renee” Finally realized they are saying “really, really” So funny…Only 1 nut I can’t break though… The Bulgari lady on the 4th floor.Think she has an exclusive and that is the problem. Will keep trying Hate Bulgari… love the challenge

Another traditional dinner (dragon dance included) , and socializing in the bar til midnite. Too much food and wine. Really

More touring today…Tai Chi this morning to start which I will try. Traditional Peking Duck lunch. And then we have an early afternoon exit to the host law office, reception and dinner. Hope I can stay awake. No market today

Misses… Joel needs on

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