Last China email

My parents get home later today, so this is the last email from Mom. I guess I’ll have to get my own life to blog about now..

Too busy in Shanghai to even stop and email. The city is incredible with buildings the likes of which we don’t see at home. And at night each building is illuminated with dancing, multicolored lights making the vista even more spectacular
Highlights included
– a four hour tour of what was the Jewish ghetto with in depth historical perspective of the history by our Israeli guide
_ a visit to the Jade temple where we witnessed a monk emptying the dollars from the collection box into a bag next to an armed security guard
-The Peoples Park where parents gather on Sunday morning with homemade signs detailing the attributes of their kids (pictures included) in an attempt to find them a match. The Chinese version of Jdate
-tea at a tradition tea house and dumplings at a local eatery where the line up for take out was 1 1/2 hours long. We ate in and yes I had 2
_ A chef in a casual restaurant who agreed to take instruction from me and put the broccoli into the chicken stir fry…as strange as he thought it was
_continued attempts for locals to speak English to us…Last nite on the way to dinner we visited a department store and at 8 at nite were greeted by each salesperson with “:Hello. Good morning” Remember this was 8 at nie
_a trip on the bullet train which travels at a speed of 437 km per hour and is incredibly smooth
_ bizarre signage. Yesterdays favorite noted that guests to the park were forbidden to  urinate or shit!  Honest

Lots more to share and a million pictures.  See you soon. Can’t wait

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