my parents are home and still cooler than me

well, that’s not entirely true. but this weekend my parents celebrated their 30 year anniversary and went to C5 @ the crystal. Mom’s friend, marla, is thinking of going, so mom sent her the following review. i think mom should consider writing professionally.

This is the link I found to the menu at C5 I thought this was a sampling, but in fact it is the complete menu. As I told you, it is
very short with not much selection. Not all the items on our menu were exactly the same, but the menu was similar

Joel had nothing in C1 I had a beet salad with goat cheese to be polite (I hate beets)

Neither of us had anything in C2 Bread was delicious

InC3 (main) I had the black cod which was very good. It was topped with lobster hollandaise that was so rich that Marla you would shoot yourself before youwould eat it. Joel had the strip loin that was so miniscule (as were all portions) that I would not even taste it for fear of deprving him.

I ordered dessert (desperate ) that was good. Lemon beignets. Mmmm Deep fried lemon filled tiny donuts. Again Marla… not for you. Actually not for me either. But I was ravenous, and devoured them Joel said it is because I have not had a donut in years but they were not unlike Tim Hortons lemon filled Can’t say for sure

Service was mediocre. Twice got up to pour my own San Pelligrino. Ended the nite with a take out pizza at midnite at the
Intercontinental cause we were starving…

This is my review I do not want to stop you from an experience you may enjoy. Now that you have the facts, it is up to you.. You may like it.

If only my parents were to take my suggestion and go to Foxley they would have had a much happier meal. I guess that’s what keeps me cool.

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