And back!

we’re back from two days of hiking. there’s 35 minutes left of hot water at the hostel, and trust me when i say i need it!
so i’ll make this short.
  • my mini panic attack on thursday. nothing a mickey mouse plastic bag couldn’t fix though!
  • lori fainting in the morning before we left for the hike.
  • seeing a sign that had arrows – one pointed to “safe path” and the other to “dangerous ladder”. we picked the ladder.
  • seeing a heard of goats, and then one tagging along. then i bursted otu into “chad gadyah!”
  • watching lori scramble across rocks over the rapids to see the middle stone (that part was optional). then deciding to follow.
  • lori giving me dry socks after i stepped in water. it was either step in the water, or fall off the cliff. i think i made the right choice!
more to follow.

3 Responses to “And back!”

  1. em Says:

    you mean “high school Jenn” burst out into chad gadyah….

  2. jenn Says:

    actually, high school jenn climbed on top of lori and her cousin two nights ago.
    but i guess she could have done both things.

  3. Leelee Says:

    This one made me laugh and almost pee my pants. How did you guys manage to both have a panic attack and faint all in a days work. good thing you have a psychiatrist with you!

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