trailblazers (a guest post by Lori)

Hey guys,

I am back from the 2-day Tiger Leaping Gorge trek, safe and sound in Xian (and slightly sunburned). Despite an inauspicious start to our first day (I fainted onto the bathroom floor of our hostel) and beginning the hike when the sun was the strongest, Schachter and I still managed to ascend the steep 2700 m to the summit with awesome views of snow-peaked mountains. We stayed overnight on the mountain in a local guest house with other hikers.

On the second day, we passed a waterfall, herds of goats, and encouraging signs telling us how far it was until the next stop. The end of the hike involved a slightly treachorous hike down to the middle of the gorge where the Yangtze river runs. To get back up, our options were marked “safe path” or “dangerous ladder”. Going straight up a rickety wire ladder over the mountain face seemed too good to pass up, so we were careful not to look down. It was a great way to end the adventure.

Tomorrow we’re going to see the Terra Cotta Warriors then off to Beijing. I’ll write again before I head home.

Hope things are good with everyone! I love hearing how you’re doing.


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