all better

this post is dedicated to jeff who msned me on invisible mode today cause he wanted to hear the end of the story.

on monday night i took my camera to henry’s. first guy tried to twist it off (like i didn’t think of that) and called over a guy named mike to fix it.

mike said the lens was still in perfect condition and he wouldn’t fix it – that because the filter was screwed on wrong, it needed pliers. and if the pliers slip and scratch the lens, it’s worthless. plus, it could also rip a thread of the lens, meaning filters would not stay on anymore. he gave me the name of a camera repair shop that he said would do it no problem.

a younger kid working at the store saw what was going on, and was all “hey! that’s easy to fix! just use pliers!” Mike looks at him and says “you can fix it, if you promise this nice young lady that if you scratch or damage the lens in any way, you’ll buy her a new one. with money out of your pocket.” he then suggested i take it to suncamera as well.

so i did. i went on wednesday, showed them the problem. the nice man got out pliers, and twisted the metal off and even put on the new filter for me. took 6 minutes for the whole thing. amazing. so now i’m back in business! woo!

(side note – why does something that’s $6 on Amazon cost $20 at henry’s? sigh)

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  1. stina Says:

    You must be the Canadian me!

    Since I live in Buffalo at the moment, I’ll use this as an excuse to make a trip up to Toronto and see if I can get my filter pliered off.

    btw, this is one of the few pages that show up when googling: “lens screwed on wrong”. wthanks!

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