new kids vs. spice girls

when the spice girls announced their reunion tour, i was totally, 100% excited. i needed to get tickets, and i couldn’t imagine not seeing it.

today’s announcement of the NKOTB (new kids on the block — i know we’re old, but we’re not senile yet people!) reunion tour brought mixed feelings. on the one hand, i LOVED the new kids. i had their cassettes, all of the cards, a doll and i think i still have my towel, so I *should* be excited. But on the other hand, I don’t really care.

why is that? maybe because i was young when the kids were first on the block, and am not in touch with the people that i used to page through Teen Beat with (side note: i remember fighting with my mom because i REALLY wanted to hang a picture of Joey on the wall and wasn’t allowed. sigh). but it *was* the first concert that i went to because i liked the music and not my parents (yes, i was at concerts from birth. seen everything from kenny loggins to james taylor to the rolling stones with the ‘rents). and i did stand in a hotel lobby waiting for them for several hours when i was in Philadelphia for my cousin’s bar mitzvah. and i used to give myself asthma attacks at camp by covering their faces on my NKOTB towel with baby powder and jumping. so yeah, i’ve definitely got a soft spot for the kids, even if they aren’t as shiny and new as they once were.

so what does that mean for the upcoming New Kids on the Block reunion tour? well, i will have to see the show (duh), but don’t need to shell out the cash for floor seats this time round. hope mom and dad are up for it. and hope the kids still got the right stuff.

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  1. Morissa Says:

    New Kids was the very first concert I went to with my Mom when I was in grade 4. Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, floor seats.
    I’ll go with you.

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