The dress

No, not that kind of white dress. But the dress I bought to take along to Vegas.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter might remember some tweets about a lost (and then found) bracelet of mine that I left at a store I had stopped at the night before to try [and then buy] a cute dress from the window to wear during the day in Vegas. This is the dress:

I wore it on our second day of the trip. After we finished brunch (at Bouchon – yum) we were walking out of the Venitian and N pointed to a girl on the other side of the lobby and said “Isn’t she wearing your dress?”And she was! I suggested to N that he shoud take a picture of me and her, and he refused. But I was amused.Over the next few days, we saw at least 4 other people in that dress (or one very similar). Less than amused.So in case any you end up buying it, I want you to know I had it first. Thanks!

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  1. Marlene Says:

    That is a cute dress! No wonder if was so popular. 🙂

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