Meet Genki

Genki is a Japanese word that doesn’t really have an English equivalent. Loosely translated it means energetic or enthusiastic. When I lived in Japan people would always tell me that I was genki. So while I thought I should give my Garmin a Vegas based name since that’s where I adopted it from (okay, it really came from Amazon, but I ordered it *to* Vegas) once Genki got in my head, it stuck. After all, it’s Genki’s job to help keep me energetic when I run, right??

Now, I don’t intend to blog every run, but I thought I’d give some non-runners a look at what Genki can do — here’s my run from this AM. And if I would have gotten lost, there’s a button that says “take me to the start” so that I don’t need to call someone to pick me up at the side of the road anymore (besides when you’re lost, it’s tough to tell someone where to pick you up).

I did not want to run today since my legs have been uber sore since my ultimate game on Thursday night. I know it’s a different kind of running than my legs are used to, but you’d think by Sunday my lateral quads wouldn’t be burning so much. Go figure.

And now I have 2 bridal showers. I’m a bridesmaid for both of the weddings, and they’re at the same time. I definitely have earned at least one cupcake.

3 Responses to “Meet Genki”

  1. Christine Says:

    You are genki. And now you have a genki. Strange.

  2. jenn Says:

    And this is genki!

  3. jenn Says:

    That didn’t work. Anyway, here’s genki my studen:

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