No, I’m not training.

My long runs are normally done with a purpose. There’s always some race I’m working towards that’s motivating me to run a distance larger than, say, 8km. And I do them, and am happy and proud when they’re done.

Today was different – today I just ran for me.

I was supposed to run with my trainer and friend Kathleen who was planning herself a 20 miler. I figured I’d tag along for ~10km of it, since we haven’t seen each other in awhile (I’ve had to give up personal training for Crossfit) and it would be a good opportunity to catch up.

I woke up to an email from her letting me know she was sick.

First I went back to bed. Yay sleep-in! But I couldn’t sleep. I got up and sat around dilly-dallying on the computer and looking out at the sun. I was feeling guilty. It’s the perfect weather! What was my problem? And yes, I was tired from going to be late, but a run would be the perfect thing to energize me!!

I checked out a suggested 10km from the running room nearby and went on my way.

In true Jenn style the run didn’t go completely according to plan (read: I got lost and Genki helped me find my way home) but I loved every second of it.

I had DNTO keeping me company.

I got to hear the crunch crunch of the leaves under my feet and admire the bright pretty trees (well, at least the ones that aren’t naked yet).

I found new hidden streets I never new existed with pretty houses and kids playing.

And the whole time I felt energized. Not once did I worry about “making it home” okay.  Or how far I had gone. For that matter, I wasn’t even worried about how much further I would have to go.

I was amazed at the ease with which my legs just kept carrying me forward.

I smiled at passer-bys like an idiot (they smiled back! it’s more contagious than h1n1 – har har) and fancied myself an explorer in my own city.

I know that we all have good days and bad days with everything. But today was one of the best. I love running.

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  1. Marlene Says:

    What a great day for a run. Good job getting out there!

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