Why the Library is not Netflix

I don’t have cable. I justify it because I live alone and cable would be expensive. Especially since I’m never home when things I want to watch are on TV so would need to get a DVR. I also can watch lots of things online so am not completely deprived.

About a month ago I came up with the brilliant idea to get a library card. They have DVDs at the library, and I can reserve them online. That way for downtime when I’d want to just chill in front of the TV, I’d have something to put on. And I’d finally get around to watching some movies I’ve been meaning to see.

Now, I don’t know when movies will arrive from the library (there are waiting lists of different lengths). But in my mind it would be just like netflix only free! How novel!

Yeah, well, I now have 8 DVDs taken out of the library with another 4 waiting for me. I’ve watched 2/8 of the movies I have at home, and don’t have a single night free this week to watch any of the others.

Not to mention the trashy Chic-lit books I keep taking out on a whim take up a lot of my time. Silly me, I took out a “best bets” (meaning I only get it for 1 week – no renewals allowed) so am working hard to finish it before it’s due on Thursday.

Hehe, everyone should have such problems.

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  1. assaf Says:

    I would just rip the DVD’s and watch them later.

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