Hello Ohio!

Well, if I had to lose a post I guess I should be grateful that my mom sent me an article about what I had written – namely that Bruce kept calling us Ohio on Friday night which was pretty funny. He seemed really embarrassed, but N figures he must make that mistake at least once a month.

The other highlight of the evening was our pre-concert meal at the Post. It’s a bar and grill right across from the Palace. As we pulled in, we were told there was only valet parking left (they charge $5 for normal parking on event night, $7 for valet and there’s a free shuttle to/from the theatre). That was fine with us – and it turns out that parking at the theatre is ~15 so not a bad deal. They only had 6 spots left – and this was at 5:30PM when the show started at 7:30.

Inside the bar was PACKED. There was a 1.5 hour wait for a table – I guess no one was leaving since it was a pre show crowd. A radio station was broadcasting from inside, and as you can imagine it was all Springsteen. Everyone was singing along at the top of their lungs and just really hyped up. The bus ride over to the stadium reminded me of town nights at summer camp where we just sang and screamed. It was a lot of fun.

Bruce played for three hours straight – barely taking a breath between songs. He had more stamina than some of the folks in the crowd it seemed!

Anyway, it was a terrific show and if you have the opportunity to see him in concert, DO IT!

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