this may or may not have happened at work today

i went to talk to someone about a problem i’m working on at work.

i wanted to show her something so i switched over to my firefox window. the front tab has PORN opened. pictures. girls. mouths. men’s genitals. disgusting.

i have NO IDEA how it got there (i can’t wait to see what Jeff comments) – yes, I do realize I probably clicked on a link on a website or tweet or email, but still. boy was i embarrassed.

and no, i didn’t jot down the link to share with you. i closed the tab as fast as i could, and giggled nervously.

anyway, if i get fired tomorrow, i guess i’ll know why.

2 Responses to “this may or may not have happened at work today”

  1. That Pink Girl Says:

    A few years back our website was hacked into and re-directed to a porn site. All the wonderful images you described. Gross. I work with the call center and I got a supervisor call transferred to me because an older gentleman wanted to “speak to a boy” (not that I am one) He just couldn’t tell the young lady on the phone what he was seeing! (so cute)
    Funny thing is…they found out who did it…he was someone that they didn’t hire in our IT dept. Guess he wanted to show off the mad skillz we were missing out on by passing over him!

  2. Natalie Gordon Says:

    Amazon totally sells “adult products”. I have a friend with the funniest story ever about her first day at work at Amazon. Someone was like “amazon sells big black …” and she went to the detail page to be like, “oh my god they do”. A while later her boss comes over to help her set up and right on her Amazon homepage there is an image of a “big black …” in her recent history. I guess they ignored it the whole time and she wanted to die.

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