Caveman Cookies

I have been eating like a caveman for the past little while, following the Paleo Diet.

Today I came across a site that sells Caveman Cookies – OMG! A cookie that’s not a cheat! You can order them online (they don’t sell them in any Canadian stores yet – and they’re $$). But I’m a hungry and not patient girl (and my cleaning lady comes tomorrow) so I think I’m going to try and make a batch of my own.

The Caveman Cookies site lists their ingredients, so I found this recipe which looks pretty similar. I’ll head to Ambrosia after work to get some unsweetened dried fruit and almond flour (or I might brave using my Magic Bullet to pulverize some almonds!).
I haven’t tried theirs yet assuming mine are good, I’ll not know what I’m missing!

Wish me luck.

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