Caveman cookies again

Turns out if I have a recipe to follow I too can bake caveman cookies.

Problem becomes if there are 2 similar recipes with conflicting times to leave things in the oven, waiting an average of the 2 times doesn’t necessarily work.

So half are burned.


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  1. t-dot sio Says:

    give these a try…total delish…

    my tweaks…
    i made a double batch.
    i used fresh blueberries instead of raisons because they were on sale and i was trying to cut down on sugar and who doesn’t love an antioxidant.
    also…i put in a 1/4 cup of prunes to replace some of the dates…again, cutting down on sugar some. so for a double batch i did 3/4 cup dates + 1/4 cup prunes.

    these are actually better than any oatmeal cookie i have had…and i am a cookie conoseur (sp?)!

    i also made them smaller…used a rounded tablespoon instead of ice cream scoop. and only cooked for 20 mins.

    and you need a HIGH powered food processor. i have a mini cuisinart one and it was no good. coffee grinder might work…the damn dates and prunes got all wrapped up on the blade.

    lemme know what you think.

  2. jenn Says:

    So weird – I am just seeing this now. your comments did t email me for some reason!! Will totally try these next week when I am off work and can go to the rents house to use their food processor!!

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