Hailey Hacks and helps too!

Hailey Hacks is an innovative project by Jill Golick which is a series of web videos that show 8-13 year olds all kinds of cool things they can do with their computers. Like how to make your own lolcats

Now that my birthday is done and folks have stopped asking what I want, of course I have come up with a bunch of items that i kinda sorta wish I had thought of before. Not to worry – Hailey is to the rescue with her latest video on how to use Wish Lists! So with Hailey’s help I’ll get a head start for next year — or maybe the Channukah fairy will stop by my Menorah!

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  1. Reshma Patel Says:

    Can I just say that I liked November a lot more. I’ve been wondering where your daily posts were until it occurred to me that it’s December now.

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