I love Pepper. I put it on almost everything, and always on my eggs. So it’s no surprise that I had the urge to Pepper up this fluffy frittata from Sarabeth’s in NYC.

before: my delicious frittata at sarabeths

Only thing is I didn’t know that the lid of the pepper shaker was not screwed on correctly. Result: a mound of pepper on my plate. I was laughing so hard, as were the folks sitting next to us. Even the server laughed as she took away my plate and had a new one brought to me.

And yes, I did add pepper to the replacement one too.

after: there was no lid on the pepper shaker.

2 Responses to “Pepper”

  1. That Pink Girl Says:

    I too love black pepper (and Sarabeth’s!) I keep waiting for the discovery that black pepper cures some disease!

  2. Sara Says:

    Yikes. That totally looks like something I would do.

    Thanks for the advice on NYC. I’ve heard that too about Newark, but buying the tickets like that with no plan seemed *scary*.

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