The Heath Inspector

Did you know that if you have a case of food poisoning in Toronto you’re supposed to report it? No? Well, neither did I. But N did and so when I got sick and told him I wasn’t planning to file anything, he called them on my behalf.

It was super awkward when a health inspector called me at work to talk about my poop and barf. I giggled like a 4 year old and had to go into a meeting room to not gross out my coworkers (several of whom are probably reading this, oh well).

Anyway, one thing they asked was a food history of the 72 hours before the event. Have you ever had to recall everything you’d eaten in the past 3 days? While on holiday? And pigging out at a cottage? And making 5 course meals from scratch?

Yeah. Not easy.

Anyway, I chose key points from the previous days like the lamb and ice cream

look at those grill marks i scream you scream...

But chose to leave out things like the home made beef cheek ravioli with a sauce made from chicken livers and butter! And the pretty yet delicious Halibut. Afterall the 5 other folks were fine, right? Not to mention, who’d believe we had pasta AND lamb AND fish AND homemade ice cream [and a bruschetta course too – not pictured] so no harm done

getting cheeky with the cheek filling for the ravioli this will be pasta just for the halibut!

I also left out the dozen or so cookies because I was still in denial.

The other thing that was funny to me was the fact that they picked up left overs. No, I didn’t keep them because I wanted to eat what had made me sick – but once again N had suggested I take the leftovers (which I had planned to bring for lunch and tossed in the AM) out of the garbage and keep them. Lo and behold they actually picked them up from my place to test for, well, I don’t know. Anyway, if they find whatever it is they’re looking for they’ll let me know in about 3 weeks.

And yes, this post was an excuse to post food porn. This meal was all out of a Mario Bitali cookbook and more complicated than everything I made in 2009 put together so I was pretty proud to be a sous chef!

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  1. Sara Says:

    What? You have have have to report it? I don’t know if we have anything like that in the US. WE should though because we are always having food poisoning scares.

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