running is just like riding a bike

I’ve now learned that signing up for a race doesn’t mean I’ll necessarily run it (Chilly Half, 2010). But unfortunately I hadn’t learned that lesson when I signed up for the Toronto Women’s Half Marathon on May 30th. And I don’t like making the same mistake twice, so have decided that I have just enough time to train and run – though probably not race or PR which is fine with me!

Last week I did two runs – a 5km and then a 10km with the Nike Runner’s lounge in Toronto which is 5 minutes from my house. Funny enough, the 10km felt really good. I wasn’t even sore the next day.

Now I’m toying with how I’m going to spend the next ~7 weeks of training. I can go the Long Slow Distance route, or put my faith in CrossFit and try to follow a CrossFit Endurance Program. I have a lot of great information from the CFQ Crew, but have yet to print and read through it in detail. Also, it requires me to think and actually *fill* in the specific workouts, so I’m tempted to be lazy do what I already know (LSD). But hopefully I’ll be able to figure it out.

And to think, 3 years ago I was gearing up to run my first ever 10km and really quite freaked out.

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