My fourth time was my first time

Sunday I ran the Sporting Life 10km for my 4th time. I hadn’t really planned on running. I didn’t sign up or anything. But my friend Lisa wasn’t using her bib, and I had a 16km run scheduled for the weekend so decided that I would run the 6km from home to the start line (up hill!) and then enjoy folks cheering for the last 10km of my run. No pressure.

At the start I ran into some folks I knew (there were 14k runners!) including Jeff. Jeff was running his first 10km and said that he was hoping to break an hour. I had no goals of my own, and wasn’t planning to set a personal record, so offered to pace him.

I had fun trying to do this – I am not normally so pace conscious so it was different for me. More often than not I caught us going too fast. The only big mistake I made was our 7th km was almost a minute too fast (5:05 min/km) because we liked following this girl in shorts who seemed to be keeping a similar pace. We had lost her earlier in the race at a water stop. I guess she had picked up her pace – which we weren’t ready for.

I tried to keep Jeff with me for the last km as I gradually picked up the pace again, but he lagged behind slightly. I turned around and yelled “Suck it up, princess”. And he did, crossing the finish in 59:37. Yay!

Here’s a picture of some folks from Jeff’s office (which also happens to be my dad’s office) and me before the race. I look small.
Sporting Life 10km

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  1. Natalie Gordon Says:

    You’re freaking amazing!!!! I love the “I’ll just run the 6km home from the race” attitude 🙂

    I’m going to go for a run RIGHT NOW.

  2. That Pink Girl Says:

    “Suck it up, princess!” I absolutely LOVE it, ha! That is greatness.

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