Reading Log!

I decided to start a reading log to keep track of the books I’ve read. This is because I often have hazy recollections of reading a particular book which leads to me reading it again. While I fancy myself quite clever that I know everything that’s going to happen before it’s done, I’d like to save myself the effort. Especially if it’s a book I didn’t really like in the first place.

Also, I think it will be neat to have one cohesive list of what I’ve read. Obviously it’s missing the first 28 or so years, but from here on out I will see how it goes! And no, I won’t be adding books I’ve read in the past. At least, not until I reread them in the future!

This isn’t meant to provide a detailed review of anything, really just a list with maybe a few notes to help jog my fading memory.

I’m going to try and log things on goodreads as well, mostly as an experiment, so feel free to friend me there!

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