all better

i decided i wanted to be able to keep a reading log as a “sub-blog” since i have a hard time keeping track of what i’ve read and it’s only getting worse with age.

that was pretty easy to configure using wordpress, but when looking at the API i realized how out of date my version was and i decided i should upgrade it immediately. it took a little while and i might have disappeared for a few hours for dinner since i started about 20 minutes before i was due to meet my friend!

alas, if you are moving from version 2.0.X to 3.1 there’s a little more to it than uploading the new WordPress director. like migrating your database to a newer version of mysql.

good thing there’s google to help me along when i run into these kinds of problems!

then, i wasn’t able to update my plugins automatically, but that’s okay. unzipping and uploading isn’t so bad.

but I’ll get that working that later since google says it’s an issue with 1and1 and there are things online to help me along too!

i’m totally working from home tomorrow.

2 Responses to “all better”

  1. farmwifetwo Says:

    Goodreads…. was confusing at first… now I LOVE it.

  2. jenn Says:

    hm, i should try it out. especially since there’s a community aspect to it which will be great for finding new books etc.

    i have an account there (i know this because i get the newsletters!) but can’t say i’ve ever used it… maybe i’ll start using both at the same time and see which i like more 🙂

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